Snow Rally Rings  offers unforgettable driving adventures at two course locations: Vanttausjärvi Mustalampi area and Napapiiri. At the main location in Vanttausjärvi Mustalampi area there are 10 track areas with more than 40 tracks.


SnowRallyRings is located about a 45-minute drive from the centre of Rovaniemi, Vanttausjärvi – Mustalampi area., at Lake Vanttaus. Here the total area for the caretaker to clean from snow every winter day is more  than 1.000.000 m². There are 10 different kinds of track area located on the ground, on swamp and on the ice. In addition to this there are also 6 demanding Special Stage tracks for rally training. In SnowRally Rings there are 130 km of tracks if driven in one way only. In the tracks there is a variety of the levels of difficulty, height differences, corners and front rights. There are also handling areas, where you can practise your driving skills on different snow and ice surfaces.

At SnowRallyRings we have both warm and cold halls for the service and storage of the vehicles. The halls can be changed into different use. The locations can be rented for rally training, driving school as well as for testing and presenting car models and tyres. We also run many kinds of rally programs.

In the rally center there is a restaurant for 100 persons and a warm kota. In the kitchen we prepare delicious homemade style lunches and dinners as well as tasty pastries to cheer up the driving day. We also have a couple of open kotas by the tracks where you can enjoy warm juice and coffee or small snacks during the program. Or even glow fry salmon by the open fire!


Arctic Motor Park is closed until December 2022. 

SnowRallyRings will open for 2019 -2020 winter season Ice-Karting and ATV area at Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi.

Area is located across the street from Santas village. In MotorPark we offer to our customers motorfun with icekarts, ATV`s and  warm place to dress overalls and helmets on.

Reservations and information


Ice-karting Track is about 750 meters long, On the track can be maximum 12 drivers at the same time.

Price                                         25 minutes      70€/person


Following activities are available only by special order


Price                                         25 minutes      70€/person

Mini snowmobiles

for kids                                   15 minutes      40€/person


We offer to our custemers warm berryjuice and biscuits after the drive!


Best Regards

Pentti Koskiniemi


97625 Vanttauskoski, FINLAND
tel: +358 500 393 168