SnowRallyRings provides possibilities for multiple winter driving experiences. We offer motor sport adventures for first timers as well as for experienced drivers and professionals. With us you can get new exiting experiences, improve your driving skills, test your own vehicles or show your car’s best qualities to your guests. The facilities are in order – please let us know what you need, we will help you to design the program to match your wishes.

We are happy to welcome you as our guest!



– The Rally Center opens on 1st April 2017 at 06 am.
– Breakfast is available in Rally Center restaurant at the price of 10 €

* Driving instructions:

– When you arrive to the rally center, drive your combination to the parking area on the left side, if there is space. Pick up the papers from the competition office.
– Move your car immediately to the pit area. From the pit there is (taxi) transportation to the rally canter and back, so in case there is no free space in the parking area, drive directly to the pit area and take the (taxi) transportation to the rally center.

* Making the base notes:

– You can make teh base notes also on you rally car, but you need to have civil tyres on and the number on top of the wind screen
– Base notes will be made in the following order:
at 08:00 – 09:00 am: on number one the odd numbers and on number two the even numbers
at 09:00 – 10:00 am: on number one the even numbers and on number two the odd numbers

* Prize giving ceremony:

– The pizes will be given at the pit area as soon as the organizers are ready

* The results:

– Can be seen in the pit as A4 paper prints
– In the competition office on the screen
– On web pages: Lap Data System Oy: https://www.lapdatasystem.com/app_rallisprint/#/public

* Good to know:

– The juniors start the competiton as the last group because the sweaper car drives the track right after the first round and helps the juniors back on track if needed
– Actual sweaping after the second round

We wish you warmly welcome to the fair rally spirit in the SnowRallyRings rally!

97625 Vanttauskoski, FINLAND

tel: +358 500 393 168

Banner photos by William Croze