Our versatile driving programs can perfectly be run on the tracks in Vanttausjärvi. All vehicles can be used. On the tracks we have rally versions of BMW e 36 cars, civil BMW e 46 models, ice karting, quad bikes and freestyle snowmobiles. The tracks are in the forest, on the roads, on the swamps, on the fields and on ice. Here you can also enjoy the speed as a co-pilot to an experienced rally driver.

Catering services in the Rallycenter restaurant include breakfasts, snacks, lunches and dinners. During the programs hot juice and small snacks are available as well as coffee and tea inside the restaurant. Lunch or dinner can also be served in the kota. What would you think of glow fried salmon by open fire and served inside the heated kota?


Full day driving program in Snow Rally Rings

Program starts at in Vanttausjärvi by 30 minutes briefing of the day’s activities, safety regulations and other information needed for the day to run smoothly and without problems. The group will be divided in 4 teams.

There will be 4 activity areas in use for the group. The activities will be finished in karting finals. The run of the program is about 4 hours including lunch and karting finals.

Driving time on each vehicle is 25 minutes per person. In the cars there can be 2 persons in at the same time, then the other one is a co-pilot when the other one is driving on the track.

Civil BMW:
Each pax drive 25 min in a track where they train to handle the car on ice surface. They have tracks like slalom, spiral, breaking on ice and driving on track. Standard studded tyres will be used.

Rally BMW:
Each pax drive 25 min in a track where they learn to handle and drive the car on icy track by studded tires. Rally spikes 16 mm are used.

ATV OR Freestyle snowmobiles:
Group will be walking to the track where they can drive on icy track by ATV or handle the free style snowmobiles on a snow track. The free style snowmobiles are different from the normal safari snowmobiles. Driving the ATV is for fun and to learn to drive on a different kind of vehicle on the ice and snow.

Ice karting:
At karting the group will be divided in two smaller groups. While the other group drives their practice round with the karts the other can drink warm berry juice, coffee or tea and have some cookies. They can also relax and plan their strategies for the finals between the best ice carting pilots. From each group only the best drivers will take part in the finals driven after all activities are done. the 3 best ones will get prices and be officially named the champions of the Snow Rally Rings.

During the day home style lunch will be served in the restaurant or in the kota hut.

97625 Vanttauskoski, FINLAND

tel: +358 500 393 168